Got a jiu-jitsu dad in your life? With Father’s Day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to check out Gaidama’s rapidly growing men’s gear and apparel line. Whether he’s a brand new dad trying to balance infant care with mat time, a parent who got into jiu-jitsu as a way to bond with his kids in the local MMA gym’s children’s program, or a retiree with grown children who got into grappling to maintain physical health and social bonds into old age, Gaidama has got you covered.


Without further ado, check out our top picks for Dad this year!



1. For the dad who’s been wearing the same pair of ratty gym shorts since before you were born, we recommend...


The Men’s Premium Jiu-Jitsu Board Shorts.


Goodbye to ratty old gym shorts from the ‘80s, hello to comfort, fashion, and durability. Meet the men’s edition of Gaidama’s signature premium jiu-jitsu board shorts. The version for the boys features the same super comfy premium fabric that made the ladies’ version such a hit. Plus, it’s got all the tried-and-true features that grapplers of all genders have learned to love: a built-in, sweat-wicking compression shorts liner, durable drawstring, and stay-put waistband for maximum comfort and customizable fit.



2. For the dad who doubles as an art buff, we recommend…


The Miyamoto Musashi Art Wear Rashguard.


He’s stylish. He’s functional. He’s the Miyamoto Musashi Art Wear Rashguard, and he’s guaranteed to please any dads out there with an eye for painting and illustration. Featuring exclusive graphics designed specially by fan favorite artist Meerkatsu, this rashguard pays homage to legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, whose writing and philosophy continue to inform and inspire martial artists from all walks of life well into modern day. The rashguard’s beautiful blue-and-white color scheme takes inspiration from traditional Japanese porcelain, while elaborate illustrations depict the five “elements” of combat outlined in Musashi’s famous Book of Five Rings.



3. For the dad who lives in his signature dad hat, we recommend…


The 5 Panel Enduro Cap.


Look, we love a well broken-in dad hat as much as the next sports apparel brand, but there’s something to be said for an occasional upgrade. Meet Gaidama’s 5 Panel Enduro Cap: the next evolution in baseball caps for the dad hat lover in your life. Fully adjustable, water resistant, and crafted from premium quick-dry nylon, the Enduro Cap is here to help function-obsessed dads add some casual fashion to their lives – without sacrificing utility.



4. For the dad destined to get a Starbucks gift card for Father’s Day from everyone else, we recommend…


The Heel Hooks and Coffee Jiu-Jitsu Tee.


Ah, coffee and jiu-jitsu: two great flavors that go great together! For the dads who love a quick cup of joe to wake themselves up for that 6:30 AM morning class at the gym, the Heel Hooks and Coffee Jiu-Jitsu Tee is a cheeky yet comfy way for them to rep the two things in life they love almost as much as they love their kids.



5. For the dad who loves the simple things in life, we recommend...


The Men’s Avant Garde Rashguard


You can never go wrong with a classic, well-crafted black rashguard – and that’s precisely with the Avant Garde series delivers. If your dad wants to update the basics in his jiu-jitsu wardrobe, he’ll fall hard for the Avant Garde line’s luxurious four-way stretch compression, simple yet elegant design, and best-in-class moisture wicking, breathable fabric.


June 06, 2024 — Andrea Tang