Packing your gear bag for jiu-jitsu – not to mention keeping that bag remotely well-organized – can feel overwhelming on the best of days. Between gi day, no-gi day, and attempting desperately to maintain a separation barrier between clean laundry and the dreaded sweaty used gear, it’s a small wonder we don’t resign ourselves to hauling an entire suitcase set to the gym sometimes.


Enter Gaidama’s glorious 2-in-1 duffel backpack travel bag. Available in three different color schemes, this performance travel bag is resistant to both stains a mold growth, and features waterproof compartmentalization on its interior – handy for quarantining your sweaty rashguards after a tough comp class! It’s also lightweight, converts easily between duffel and backpack shapes, and includes numerous additional pockets and compartments for your various odds and ends as you hustle between home, work, and the gym. Plentiful interior storage makes Gaidama’s multipurpose travel bag a particularly strong choice for long weekend trips away at multi-day tournaments or training camps.


Here are a few essentials we recommend tossing into your new Gaidama travel bag for class:



1. A freshly laundered gi


While a traditional jiu-jitsu gi can be notoriously greedy for space in your average travel bag, that’s not a problem for Gaidama’s 2-in-1 duffel, which boasts multiple roomy compartments and near-endless storage options for both your pre- and post-practice gi. Keep yourself – and your clean change of clothes! – neat, dry, and tidy with this bag’s waterproof compartment, while still saving plenty of bag space for additional items.


Buyer’s Tip: Shopping for a new gi alongside a gear bag? Try out Gaidama’s state-of-the-art Perfect Fit Gi, and what makes it the ultimate gi for female jiu-jitsu athletes.



2. Spare rashguard & spats


Can’t decide between two favorite rashguards? Unsure whether you want to roll in full-length spats or board shorts? Pack it all in the same gear bag, and put your mind at ease. The 2-in-1 duffel has your back, literally.


Buyer’s Tip: In the market for a new set of no-gi gear to add to your weekly training rotation? Consider Gaidama’s Avant Garde ranked rashguard – guaranteed to pass even the most stringent of IBJJF uniform inspections – or, if you’re looking for something with a little more flair to show off your style at open mat, check out some of Gaidama’s beautiful Art Wear options, designed in collaboration with fan favorite artists.



3. A clean change of clothes


We all have those days where we can’t make it home immediately to change. Save yourself discomfort – and a potentially sweaty car seat – with a clean, dry change of clothes you can store in a waterproof compartment within the 2-in-1 duffel.


Buyer’s Tip: Gaidama’s got you covered with athleisure options on and off the mat. Slip out of your gi and into comfy, stylish apparel for all seasons. As a bonus style option, try the Premium Perfect Fit Tee or a subtly girly take on the traditional Muscle Tank to show off some fun BJJ-themed graphics.



4. Mini bag of essentials


Bags inside of bags, Russian doll style? You bet. A smaller pack of essentials like spare hair ties, deodorant, and feminine care products go a long way during marathon training sessions. While it’s easy to lose small items like scrunchies and tampons in the depths of a big duffel or backpack, keeping them neatly packed away in their own “mini gear bag” makes them easy to reach for in a pinch.


Buyer’s Tip: Gaidama’s Atomic Core Belt Bag is the perfect size for storing smaller items. Planning to leave the bigger duffel behind in your car for a quick lunch break? No problem. Simply pop your new belt bag out of your duffel, and strap around your waist or across your chest when you’re on the go.


Looking for a uniquely sustainable option for your mini bag? Consider a fanny pack built from our repurposed Gaidama gi – which includes a gorgeous interior lining by artist Antoinette Wysocki.



5. Body wipes

Defunk yourself after a tough round of sparring with body wipes by your favorite brand! These can be a great intermediary between gym time and immediate shower access. Some brands even contain special blends of tea tree oil and other anti-funk ingredients, whipped up specifically with grappling athletes in mind.


Buyer’s Tip: Body wipes may be a quick fix in a pinch, but remember that you’ll want to undergo a thorough de-funking ritual as soon as you have access to a real shower. Grab some of Gaidama’s artisanal jiu-jitsu funk soap, which will leave you feeling squeaky clean and thoroughly refreshed after all your hard work on the mats.

April 08, 2024 — Andrea Tang