Elevating Women’s Jiu Jitsu

Gaidama was founded by women in Jiu Jitsu who were tired of the flimsy, see-through fabrics and played out unisex cuts that are so well-known to women’s grappling.

We were tired of wearing shorts on top of our spats or compression shorts underneath, or worrying about what was showing too much and where. We were tired of having to pull up our waistband between rounds to hide peeping panties or half moons. We were tired of a lot of things.

What we wanted was the ultimate pair of women’s grappling spats, but they didn’t exist.

So we made them.

We didn’t stop there though – our rashguards, board shorts, apparel, and accessories all exemplify the peak standards we set for quality, performance, and fit. And with our community as our guide, we are constantly evolving our products, incorporating consumer feedback into the next iteration of our designs and beyond.

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Supporting Small Business

At Gaidama we have a dedication not just to our community, but also to small businesses within that community. At every opportunity we aim to support those working at the grassroots level, because we’ve been there. We know exactly how hard it is to thrive as a small business in a corporate world and we believe that the highest levels of character, quality, and service are found in boutique businesses.

That’s why we partner with small businesses owned by women in the BJJ community for soaps, soaks, patches, decals, and keychains, and we're always keeping an eye out for more Jiujiteira-owned small business partnership opportunities to pursue.

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Preserving Our Planet

Another core mission at Gaidama is the preservation of our common Mother, our Mother Earth. Things like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and our dying reefs and dwindling forests inspire us to support change.

That’s why we print our packing slips on 100% recycled paper and package exclusively with mailers and shipping labels made in the USA by EcoEnclose, one of our favorite companies spearheading cutting edge innovations for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.

Our latest EcoEnclose mailers are 100% recycled and curbside recyclable paper mailers, which check all the boxes for us from durability to plastic-free. Furthermore, the majority of our gear is packaged in 100% curbside recyclable FSC-certified Glassine paper packaging sourced from sustainably harvested forests.

Additionally we make quarterly donations to The Ocean Cleanup Project, one of the most inspiring and innovative non-profits of our time, working tirelessly to clean up our oceans and prevent more waste from heading downstream through cleanup efforts in our river systems.