While Gaidama may be best known for top-notch jiujiteira gear like rashguards, spats, and grappling shorts, we ladies know that during a hard roll, even the best rashguards on the market don’t mean much without the support of a good sports bra.


Enter Gaidama’s state-of-the-art sports bra line – designed specifically for female grapplers of all shapes and sizes. Like the rest of our gear, our sports bras are built by jiujiteira, for jiujiteira. That said, these beauties aren’t limited solely to the jiu-jitsu mats either – you can wear them to the weight room, the yoga studio, or even for errands around town.


Read on to find the best fit for your needs!



The All-Rounder: The Scrambler Sports Bra


If there’s an MVP when it comes to sports bras, look no further than the Scrambler. Featuring an extended band for enhanced coverage, a flattering back design that serves the additional purpose providing extra support, and Gaidama’s signature buttery-soft fabric blend, this bra can do it all. Roll hard, lift heavy, and downward dog in the Scrambler without a care in the world.


Sizing bonus: for the more generously-endowed ladies out there, the Scrambler is a godsend – the design has the cute, strappy details of a bralette, but the heavy-duty support of plainer, more practical traditional sports bras, minus the dreaded uniboob syndrome.



Understated Elegance: The Kazushi Sports Bra


Want a sports bra that can comfortably double as a longline-style crop top sans shirt? The Kazushi has got your back, in more ways than one. This bra boasts a high neckline for the modest-minded, coupled with a gorgeous, strappy back for ladies looking to show off their traps. It’s a great option for wearing under your gi – the high neckline ensures that you won’t be giving any training partners an accidental free show, while the elegantly-designed strappy back eviscerates any fears of frumpiness.


Styling tip: While a simple black sports bra suits all wardrobes and occasions, try wearing the Kazushi in a beautiful storm blue for a pop of color that makes a statement on and off the mats.



A Bra for All Occasions: The Porrada Sports Bra


The deceptively simple-looking Porrada is the piece you keep in your closet when you know you have to go straight from the gym to lunch with the girls. Combining ample coverage with a minimalist design, the Porrada fits under T-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, rashguards, and gi jackets with all the ease of a bra that feels barely there – but still offers the support you need.


Outfit hack: Got a shirt with a wide neckline where you have trouble concealing your bra straps? Ditch the strapless bra and try the Porrada underneath. Thanks to the minimalist scoop back design, you should be able to hide it with relative ease.



The New Kid on the Block: The Element Sports Bra


The latest creation for Gaidama’s sports bra line is the perfect fit for the girl who prefers the comfort of bra padding, but hates the fuss of removable cups escaping into the laundry. The Element cuts out the middle man with luxuriously comfortable yet subtle built-in padding – plus a minimalist racerback design that maximizes ease of movement. Much like its cousin the Scrambler, the Element is also a great choice for the bustier jiujiteira.


Plus, the square-cut neckline and sleek, corset boning-esque seams let you rock Bridgerton-worthy period drama vibes on the mat – no actual corset necessary.



Bonus Choice: The Premium Fitted Muscle Tank

Though technically not an official part of the Gaidama sports bra line, our
premium fitted muscle tank deserves its own shoutout for its hassle-free built-in shelf bra – designed to save you time and effort, whether you’re getting ready to hit the gym or the coffee shops.


Fitted, flattering, and flirty, this feminine tank of the traditional muscle tank comes in three different gorgeous colors – all while keeping the girls strapped in and well-supported, no extra bra necessary.

February 27, 2024 — Andrea Tang