If you’ve been wondering what the best gi for women in jiu-jitsu is, we politely invite you to call an end to your search at long last!


Gaidama has officially unveiled our first ever gi, designed by women, for women. Having already proven ourselves on the no-gi scene by providing BJJ girls everywhere with the best female BJJ spats and rashguards on the market, Gaidama plans to offer the same signature comfort, style, and confidence to BJJ girls on the gi scene.



What Makes Our Gi Special?


Buying jiu-jitsu gear for women is notoriously difficult in our still male-dominated sport – simply because most gear companies don’t fully take the bodies of female grapplers into consideration while designing their kimono. For example, raise your hand if you or one of your female teammates has experienced the following:


  • Gi jackets that fit awkwardly over your chest

  • Gi where the jacket fits, but the pants don’t, or vice versa

  • Gi pants that don’t fit comfortably over your thighs or hips

  • Gi pants that fit your curves, but are way too long

  • Gi that technically fits, but at the cost of your mobility


Gaidama offers a solution to all of these problems with a fully customizable kimono for women of all body types. All of our gi pants include an elevated waistline with elastic banding on the back half to ensure maximum comfort. All of our gi jackets are designed to flatter and accentuate a woman’s shape without impeding movement, while remaining durable enough for hard sparring.


Plus, we’ve partnered with renowned New York gallery artist Antoinette Wysocki to design a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind sublimated liner, inspired by both myth and nature – so you can rest assured that you look as good as you feel on the mat!



Sizing Matters


It’s called the “Perfect Fit” gi for a reason, folks. Our gi comes in a whopping 30 different sizes in both tops and bottoms. We also understand how frustrating it can be to think you’ve found the best gi for BJJ women, only to discover that either the top or bottom half doesn’t fit your body nearly as well as its counterpart.


In response, we made a deliberate choice to offer separate sizing options for pants and jackets to customers at checkout. After all, here at Gaidama, we know better than anyone that women and women’s bodies aren’t a monolith – and we design our products accordingly.



Look Good, Feel Good, Fight Good


Our goals when outfitting female grapplers are simple: we want BJJ girls to feel comfortable, confident, and fashionable – whether we’re training for gi or no-gi. When we designed the Perfect Fit gi, we were driven by the same motivations that gave rise to our no-gi line: a strong belief that function in jiu-jitsu gear shouldn’t come at the cost of fashion, or vice versa.


Women’s BJJ is tough enough without the constant challenge of hunting down jiu-jitsu gear for women that actually looks as good as it feels. Try out our Perfect Fit gi today – and never settle for a boxy, awkward men’s kimono ever again!

October 21, 2023 — Andrea Tang