2-in-1 Duffel Backpack Travel Bag - 30L

$108.00 $136.00 Final Sale

Our state-of-the-art performance travel bag was designed to meet your variety of needs - and then some. Featuring a high grade composite material with a Nylon exterior shell and a laminated PVC underlayment, these bags are extremely durable, colorfast, waterproof, abrasion resistant, and resistant to stains and mold growth. A large frosted PVC interior zipper pocket offers additional waterproof compartmentalization. Gun metal buckles and hooks feature a high quality electroplated zinc alloy for durability and wear resistance. The roomy 30L interior storage space paired with numerous zippered compartments offers an organized solution for the active lifestyle that's always on the go. So whether you need it to be a backpack for your next Jiu Jitsu adventure, a transition gear bag from the BJJ gym to the lifting gym, or a standard issue duffel that's down for anything - Gaidama's 2-in-1 Travel Bag was made to get you there.