Set of 2 Garment Preserving Laundry Bags


Take your laundry game to the next level and prolong the life of your Jiu Jitsu gear with our honeycomb mesh laundry bags. These essential accessories provide a barrier against renegade Velcro and help keep drawstrings and bra pads in place and intact. Made from a durable polyester weave, our big-hole honeycomb mesh is optimal for allowing water and detergent to freely flow in and out of the bag contents for a protected yet thorough cleanse. Bags feature high quality stitching and an elastic zipper security closure which ensures the zipper stays put and the bag stays closed throughout the laundry cycle. Set includes two bags: one 12" x 15.5" bag and one 15.5" x 20" bag.

DIRECTIONS: Fill bags no more than 2/3 full with clothing. Close zipper, securing zipper head under elastic security closure. Use in any normal laundering cycle.