As temperatures rise with the arrival of summer, Gaidama’s here to make sure you’re dressed for sunnier seasons – whether you’re training hard on the jiu-jitsu mats, or relaxing on a beachside retreat. Check out our latest apparel drops, which include both brand new items and old favorites in gorgeous new color options.


Our favorite picks for summer 2024 include:



1. The Sunshine Short in Waterfall


We’ve sung the praises of the Sunshine Short before – and these flirty yet comfy bottoms remain a warm weather favorite for a reason. Previously available in both classic black and an eye-catching “Carnation” pink-orange, it’s now also available in a beautiful “Waterfall” blue, perfect for poolside lounging or sunny beach days under the sun.



2. The Crossback Ball Cap


Love a classic ball cap, but hate hat hair? Consider the classic ball cap’s more feminine, updo-friendly alternative: our Crossback Ball Cap. Lightweight yet durable, this fashionable hat option boasts the classic ball cap silhouette we all know and love – with the addition of elastic criss-cross backing and a fully adjustable base. This simple yet functional design that will keep your hair off the back of your neck – and comfortably tucked up in its bun or ponytail – during hot summer days.



3. The Every Wear Short in Celeste


If you’re already a fan of Gaidama’s deliciously comfy Every Wear Joggers during autumn and winter, you’ll love its warm weather cousin, the Every Wear Short. Featuring the same comfy high rise waist, super soft fabric, and flexible four-way stretch, these shorts are a great alternative for ladies who crave slightly more coverage than the Sunshine Short offers.


Our recommended shade for the summer is “Celeste,” a striking yet elegant shade of aquamarine that’s perfectly on trend for the arrival of our warmest season. If you’re more of a dark color girlie when it comes to your bottoms – but already have a closet overstuffed with classic black – look no further than “Deep Space,” a midnight blue hue that injects a hint of color into your wardrobe while remaining easy to pair with lighter and brighter colors.



4. The Apex Sports Bra


If you know Gaidama, you know we take our bra game seriously – and the latest addition to the family is no exception. The Apex Sports Bra guarantees full boob coverage with subtle, built-in pads – while a flirty strappy back provides an elegantly fashionable twist that maximizes freedom of movement and comfort. Bonus feature: long line styling that allows this super-functional sports bra to double as a super-fashionable crop top – perfect for combatting rising temperatures and staying cool during sweltering days under the sun.


Sick of wearing nothing but plain black sports bras all the time – especially in such bright, beautiful summer weather? We totally get it – which is why the Apex Sports Bra also comes in gorgeous, summer-friendly shades like “Sunrise” and “Iris.”



5. The Premium Ribbed Fitted Tank


Like the Sunshine Short and Every Wear Short, the Premium Ribbed Fitted Tank is an oldie but goodie now available in beautiful new colors perfect for summertime adventuring, including “Smoke Show”, a subtle but sophisticated blue-grey neutral, and – for BJJ girls craving some warmer pops of color to accompany warmer weather – a rose-reminiscent “Muted Rouge” option.

June 20, 2024 — Andrea Tang